I am a long, long way behind in this course, but I am still going to try and do as many exercises as possible, and learn as much as I can.  I’m back in Week 4, when I should be up to Week 6, so my apologies for the material that is not current to where everyone else is!

I’m exploring composition and design.  The exercise is to take at least two photographs to demonstrate the concepts of Pattern and repetition, Filling the frame,  Framing,   Unusual points of view, Point of interest, Negative space, Leading lines,   Rule of thirds,  and Symmetry.  So here goes :


I tried to take this photo from a non-standard point of view, getting down as low as possible to get a slightly different perspective than the usual ‘head height’ shot.  The leading lines of the tiles, draw the eye to the teddy bear, which is centered in the shot.  There’s an element of symmetry, but the two sides are different, so I’m not sure that really works.  The bear is framed by the hallway, which also draws the eye to the subject.

Concepts demonstrated:  Leading lines, framing, point of view









This is an image of my medication, in keeping with my overall theme of invisible illness, my life revolves around medication.  This is an example of repetition, though I should have taken more time to flatten it out properly, the curling and therefore non-straight lines annoy me!  I’ve also filled the frame with the medication foil, to make a clear subject and point of interest.

Concepts demonstrated:  Pattern repetition, Filling the frame, Point of view









Another example of point of interest, this time created with a shallow depth of field, and the light and dark shadow contrast. Again, this is part of my overall ‘invisible illness’ theme, as self-injecting myself weekly is part of my treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis.   It also demonstrates the Rule of Thirds, as the droplet is placed on a third line to make it a focal point, and the whole syringe is along the third line also.

Concepts demonstrated:  Point of interest, Rule of thirds,











Another example of repetition. I actually just love this photo because of the colours and the randomness…there’s no uniform pattern.  The focus, where the image is the sharpest, falls around the centre, which draws attention to the centre of the photo, but the whole frame is filled with coloured lights.  The lights blur into the distance adding depth and interest and highlighting all the bright colours.

Concepts demonstrated:  Pattern and Repetition,  filling the frame