I love the look of some of the silhouette selfies, they convey so much, and reveal very little detail, which appeals to me.

My theme is disability, and so for my selfies I wanted to photograph myself in silhouette, by a big window, in my wheelchair.  So that you could see the outside, a beautiful sunshiny day, and me unable to get out there, because I don’t have the necessary equipment, or personal help to get there.  Not every day is like this for me, but many are.

But I didn’t have a big window! Or not one that I could get my wheelchair and the camera in the room.  So I had to try the door.  And while its more cluttered, and I would have preferred a more clean, vacant look, maybe the door is even better than a window.

I took a series of poses, but the ones I like best are these two.  They are all just slight variations of this look.  Like I said, I wish they were less cluttered looking,  a better view of outside, but I don’t have a place in my house to set that up.  And I can’t crop it down to increase the outside without losing the wheelchair, which is important to the shot.

I added a blue cast, just to add to the melancholy of the shot.