I’m not sure I’m allowed to repost the photos I’m referring to, but they all appear on this page, for those doing the course:



I really like Jill Maynards “Selfie”.  The silhouette and the blue cast make for an intriguing selfie.  I’m just not sure what she’s holding in her hand, and I want to know.  But maybe that’s part of its appeal?

I want to experiment with silhouette.


Jessica Bishop’s selfie is unique and abstract.  She explains that it’s a reflection in a fast moving train, but she hasn’t been able to recreate it.  I’d like to experiment with shutter speed and motion to see if I can get a similar effect.  (Honestly I probably don’t have the skills though!)


I also like the shadow idea (Jessica Bishop and Rosemary James).  I too am fairly camera shy, and both photos tell something about the person’s interest.  I never considered how much a shadow can convey.  So I’ll try a few of those too.


Lastly I like Craig Vertigan’s cropped selfie, and his concept of a photo that is recognisable to those who know him, but only shows a part of his face.  I hope to try some close-ups and create some interest with cropping.

I’ll update this page with a link to my attempts at a later date.