Ok, its time to show my face.  What’s interesting is that I recently cut my hair off. I regret it very much, because I used to hide behind my hair…I had long bangs that covered my face, especially my eyes.

Very impulsively, I cut it all off, very short.  At first, it felt liberating. But then reality set in.  It doesn’t actually suit me short.

So I decided to make a statement of it, and dyed it black, which I actually thought looked cool, but…my teenage daughter has almost black hair.  And a friend said that I was trying to relive my teens, and look like her.  How embarassing.  I did NOT want people to think that.  It was not my intention, I just wanted a change.


So then I went to the opposite extreme, and dyed it blonde.   At first I liked that too.  Very different.  Very easy to ‘do’.  And then my son said I look like my mother.  And I do.




Selfie in the mirror

Selfie in the mirror, this time showing my face

Why did I cut my hair???

So I reached for the hair dye yet again, but my daughter stopped me.  She said she loves the blonde.  I paused…and I posed some more.





Expression of disgust, but showing off my elbow surgery scars

This is my expression of regret.  Looking at these photos, I’ve decided to go back to my usual red hair.

This selfie is great though, because I noticed the scar on my elbow, from my surgeries, just about a year ago.  The theme I’ve been turning around in my head for this course is to photograph invisible illness.  Scars hadn’t occured to me, which may sound a little silly.  But they are visible signs of the battles going on in my body all the time, due to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Thought for the day:  Selfies bring things into focus that a simple mirror does not.