I really like these artworks, they try to visually describe pain, which is invisible. That’s something I’d like  to achieve photographically.  Find a way to ‘see’ pain and disability.

It’s more than a wince, or a stooped posture.

Art on pain



It’s a messy house.  Its laundry everywhere. It’s dirty floors, its dishes stacking up.  Its dirty toilets and bathrooms.


Craig Cutler



I’m inspired by Craig Cutler’s work, particularly the portraiture.  Most of the portraits look very simple but are unique and evocative.  I’m still figuring out what’s great about them, but I like the use of light and shadow, choice of black and white or colour.  Most of the portraits a quite stark, yet say a lot about the person.

I also really like his still life section.  Lots of simple objects, but the angles and/or the light, or the set up make them interesting.  And all of the images are tack sharp, and perfect focus.


Chyin Sim


Also many portraits, and moments in time, beautifully captured.


I need to look for more inspiration…these are a start.