When I started this course I had little experience with my camera, and even less idea on what this course would be about.  I committed to using this course as an opportunity to learn to use my camera better, and try to express my ideas photographically.  My main goal was to take the camera off ‘Auto’ and learn to shoot manually.

Very early on, I decided that I would try to photograph invisible illness, as I suffer from a range of diseases and conditions, most of the autoimmune. The one that affects my life the most is Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is a very misunderstood disease.  I decided I’d like to create a serious of photographs that show what its like to live with RA, and expresss the pain, disability and isolation that chronic illness causes.

I then did some googling to see what other people have done and found this lady.  She struggles with MS and I find her photography raw and evocative and very honest.  I hope to develop my skills to the level where I can do something similar.  Her work is almost entirely self-portraiture.



I also discovered this man, who’s work is very different. He is documenting other people’s pain, and the difference in perspective is immediate, and the photography is less intimate, more documentary.  The photos are still raw, however, and I’m drawn into his work, his street photography style, and his almost ‘accidental’ feeling of stumbling into someone else’s pain.  Most of his photos feel candid and he uses light beautifully.  It seems he may have abandoned the project, as there are no new posts, but I really like his style, and particularly his use of black and white.

A work in progress: photographing pain.