For my course in Social Media and Photography, one of the first exercises is exploring selfies.  I’m not very comfortable with selfies, though I have posted a few on facebook in the past.  Life has changed a lot since then, however.  I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over ten years, but in the last six it has become severe. And the last two, I have needed a wheelchair.

Life in a wheelchair

While for now I’m still a part time wheelchair user, I am finding I need it more and more.  And as such, it is becoming more and more a part of my identity.  My disability is invisible, this disease attacks joints and internal organs and causes severe pain and disability, all without leaving a mark.  There are no outward signs, except a slow walk, the occasional wince and the need for mobility devices.

Invisible Disability

It’s this invisibility of my disability and how that forms a huge part of my identity that I hope to explore in self portraits.  So this is the first one.

I plan on putting the images I really like in the ‘Portfolio’ section of this site, as well as in my daily journalling.