About Me

I have signed up to a unit run by the University of Tasmania, titled 'Photography and Social Media'. I have used Facebook to promote my blog for years, but I am a beginner at photography. I hope to improve my photography skills, and thereby my engagement on my blog and social media accounts.

This blog will form the Digital Journal aspect of the course, and here I will document my photographic work, and the inspiration I find in the photography and artwork of others.


Once upon a time I was a web developer and designer.  As my Rheumatoid Arthritis progressed, I became disabled, and unable to work.

I have always loved writing, and I started a blog, about life with Inflammatory Arthritis, and the co-morbidities that often come along with it.

My life changed completely when I became sick, in some most surprising ways.  But what didn’t change is who I am.

Creativty 75%
Design 90%
Writing 85%
Social Media 30%
Photography 20%